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Tarot Readings by Justine

About Me

About Me

how to buy clomid uk I am a full time employed wife and mother that believes in miracles. I am also a clairvoyant. I use Tarot Cards as one of my tools to gain insight into my life as well as the lives of others. Tarot allows me to connect with myself and my Higher Power. They allow me to see past, present and future aspects of one’s life as the energy flows into the cards. My favorite stress relieving joy is to open up and find out what the Universe is whispering.

famvir where to buy I have always been a spiritual person and completely believe that there is a bigger plan for our lives then we could ever imagine for ourselves. Most of the time we just get in our own way. I believe in a Higher Power and I believe that Jesus walked this earth as well as several other Prophets and as a society we are all still learning and growing together.  I honor and appreciate all religions and spiritual beliefs

my response Why I Love Tarot

I have gone to different Astrologers and Tarot readers in the past so I have always had an open mind and appreciation for the craft. During a very stressful period of my life I took a Tarot class simply because I felt a pull to know and understand more about myself. This opened a new world for me and provided me a way to see and think about things differently. Reading Tarot brings me joy.  I find when I read for myself I can look at situations and see them in a different light that is separate from my “Ego” based brain and more in line with what the Universe is trying to tell me.

Each suit and card in the deck have different meanings and sometimes what I can see is very plain as it relates to how the cards are interpreted. Other times I will simply “fall into the cards” and it is my favorite thing to do. I will see images of things that are current, things in the past and sometimes things yet to come. My joy is seeing that story.

What Tarot can do for you

Tarot can help you hear what the Universe is trying to tell you.  It can provide insight and give you that different perspective.  It can open your eyes to different bends in the road!  I have a deep respect for the art of Tarot and love to share it with others.  There are many false assumptions about the craft that reflects a negative experience.  It is my goal to change that perception and show how Tarot can be a wonderful way to speak to your Higher Power regardless of your religious beliefs or upbringing.  One only needs to have an open mind and a sense of wonder and anything is possible!



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